The Freakalair contains a 200-screen multiplex, a giant lava lamp, a giant bowling ball, a snow cone machine, a RAD blimp (spoof of the MAD Magazine blimp), a carousel, a mad scientist lab, the Hall of Freakmobiles, the Hall of Temporary Freakazoid Sidekicks, and the Hall of Nifty Things to Know. Freakazoid also keeps his plane there, as well as a helicopter and speedboat.

Despite presumably being in Washington, D.C., it has a long underground ramp which exits into the western American desert. Another method of ingress is the Freak-a-Fall roller coaster, which runs from Dexter Douglas's bedroom to the Freakalair.

The Freakalair is staffed by Ingmar, Freakazoid's mute butler (who built the Freakalair from scratch), and Steff, who operates the Freak-a-Fall. Ingmar was later replaced by Professor Jones.

Appearances Edit

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Season 2 Edit

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