Profsor heiny

The Cloud

Professor Heiny is a scientist who runs an Institute of Monster Research. The institute is high up on a mountaintop in the European village of Schnitzel. He investigates a strange phenomenon which is turning hikers into clowns, and calls on his old associate Freakazoid for help.

The primary function of the Institute is to zap monsters; Heiny has no interest in studying them, since there is nothing to know (besides the fact that they can light candles with their noses). He is voiced by Ed Gilbert. Freak and Professor Heiny share a passion for a song called "Ooey Gooey."

Professor Hiney collects clown paintings, and owns a Red Skelton original. As a kid, he had a Medusa watch that could turn people to stone.

He is voiced by Ed Gilbert.

"Ooey Gooey" Lyrics Edit

Ooey Gooey was a worm

A gooey worm was he

He sat upon a railroad track

A train he did not see

Ooey Gooey!


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

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