Poo Gas

Sewer or LaterEdit

In Sewer or later when the police ask if freakazoid is going down into the sewers after Cobra Queen he says I can't go down ther I hate sewers they smell like poo gas. After that the episode goes to the back story Audrey Manatee wehn the story is over it goes back to Freakazoid and he says Just becuse I'm a Superhero doesn't mean I have to smell like poo gas. Then Csgrove tells Freakazoid about hiding in the sewers he looks at Cosgrove and asks if he's going after her he tell Freakazoid he hates the smell of poo gas then freakazoid says well so do I. He says poo gas a forf time when he is in the sewers and at the end he says you think we've said poo gas enough.

Hero BoyEdit

In Hero Boy when Freakazoid tells Guitierrez about his weaks he also tells him he does not like poo gas. Then Guitierres says you know it's a funny think no body likes poo gas my friend.

Two Against FreakEdit

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